Finally did it!

After several attempts, we finally managed to do our century ride. Leaving Glasgow at 9am, with beautiful sunshine, we headed out to Helensburgh. We made it past the Arrochar death trap without having to phone anyone to be rescued (stopping for a quick scone) then up the Rest and Be Thankful and enjoyed the beautiful downhill, heading along the Peninsula to Dunoon. So many beautiful hills there, I'll need to make the effort to go back. I think there's some nice mountain biking too.

We passed quickly through the swine flu capital of Scotland to get the ferry across to Gourock. At 76miles into the journey it was a nice rest for the legs but it made starting again really tough. Negotiating our way back through the South Side was even tougher and I think we added on an extra few miles by going via Paisley. Those extra miles quite possibly hurt more than the rest of them put together, not least because Paisley Road West is in such a shocking state. 103 miles into a ride is NOT the time to be riding over pothole after pothole! After 108miles, I finally made it back to the flat to find Neil making me the biggest fish pie ever - he obviously knows that missing the Scalpay fish pie is one of the reasons I'm so upset about the heb being cancelled!!


Red Bike said…
Congratulations on your century

The area you get to ride through always looks fantastic, very scenic, if a little hilly!

great blog btw!
Elizabeth A said…
Yep,I'm really lucky to have so many lovely places on my doorstep. Most of them I've only got to know because of biking - I didn't used to know we had deer in Scotland!!

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