Dumyat hill (not a) race

Managed to turn up about a nanosecond too late for the hill race at Dumyat so instead had a windy run up the hill with Neil and Elspeth. We hung back a bit so that we wouldn't get in the way of the real racers but then we caught a few people up and it was out and back anyway so didn't make a difference. Great route with some lovely slidey mud - definitely some downhill skiing going on. I'll be back to race for real next year!

More running tonight. I'm hoping that for the first day of the week I wont actually be training in the rain. Monday's west highland way ride was pretty miserable. I made it to just North of Rowardennan and then turned back cos I couldn't be bothered hiking my bike up anymore steps in the wind and rain. Running up Dumgoyne hill didn't seem quite so bad as biking - the wind was quite exhilirating so I chose to run again on Tuesday -this time on a different bit of the WHW and under a few more trees. I ran for over 2 and a half hours but I must have been going really slowly. I think maybe I've done all the endurance training I need and half to start getting speedier - i've just been putting it off because it's not the sort of training that suits me - would rather go long than hard. The results came out for the Glen Affric duathlon yesterday and that gave me a wee bit of motivation. I wasn't too far behind the leading lady, if only I'd tried a bit harder (or possibly not done the 4hr bike ride the day before?).

Elizabeth Adams
Total time 3:19:31 (71st)
Run 1 1:20:07 (85th)
Bike 97.26 (68th)
Run 2 21.58 (39th)

You can tell I'm an endurance racer in that I go from 85th in the first leg to 39th in the third. Probably still had a lot left in the tank at the end. Such a shame they're not planning to run it next year as I'd love to beat my time! Will just have to put more thought, strategy and effort into Ben Nevis!

Looking at the rest of my goals for the year, I haven't been swimming three times a week (yawn!) and didn't do an April century ride (though I did do the Bealach Mor, which has got to be harder than most century rides)...hoping for a Cowall peninsula 100miler this Saturday, fingers crossed for good weather!

(nowhere near learning to roll in a kayak - that's for next winter, when I feel like going to play in swimming pools - too cold to learn outdoors, even in summer!!)


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