Cold bike ride

Me and Jo had planned a 100mile ride for Saturday, going to Helensburgh, Arrochar, Dunoon, Gourock, Glasgow. We made it as far as Garelochead, in the lashing rain (waiting for the promised 'bright intervals') and took shelter in Cafe Milano - a real hidden gem. Amazing cakes and amazing service - they even gave us towels and let us hang our wet socks / arm warmers and jackets on the radiators! And the owner guessed we might be training for an ironman! Most of the general public would never even have heard of an ironman never mind suspect that two soggy looking girls drinking gallons of tea and pretending not to shiver were training for something like that. Ok, so I'm not, but Jo is - and I'm not sure the Ben Nevis tri is so far off the mark!!

We prevaricated for a long time (MORE TEA) then decided to venture out again and see if it had got any warmer. Riding into Arrochar, with my no-longer-waterproof feeling like it was made out of paper, I could see the snow on the hills. We stopped to check the train times and realised the next one wasn't for nearly 4hrs -not great. So poor Neil had to come and rescue us (thankyou!!!) as I think going on any further would have led to hypothermia. I've NEVER been that cold in mid-May. We'll need a rematch with the 100mile ride sometime soon!


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