Running and cycling (as usual)

Ran up Ben Narnain yesterday. We'd been thinking about trying the route of the Arrochar alps (4 peaks, 24km, LOADS of up and down). The record holder did it in 3hr06. We did one hill, in 2hr40... The weather was pretty rubbish and we probably didn't pick the easiest way to run down but even so - 3hr! Glad we survived the hailstones, I seem to bring them on.

Today the weather was far nicer so I got my first Scottish road ride of the year. 73miles. Had only planned on doing 40 but I got a bit carried away (and a bit lost) due to the lovely blue skys and lack of a map! I think I need to get my speedo working again though because it felt way too easy and 6hr for 73miles probably isn't really fast enough! Oh well, it was a lovely ride and I got to go to pizza express for a very late and very yummy lunch.


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