Morning yoga

Dragging myself out of bed at 6am today was pretty painful but it was all worth it to go to Yoga. I'm sure it's doing me lots of good and I definitely feel more relaxed. Our teacher is amazing and always seems very calm and at peace with herself.

I did the Fusion tri club double whammy last night and ran (fast!) then swam. Luckily managed to avoid getting cramp in the water afterwards. Wednesday night was the Westie's Chatelherault handicap race. Even after all these years going back to Chatelherault makes me feel like I'm 4 years old and still part of the badgers set. Just need some wellies on and I'll be running up and down the river looking for insects!

Feeling quite good today considering this week's efforts but SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry. I've already eaten cereal, toast, soup, yoghurt and about five different kinds of fruit and it's only midday. Looking forward to some afternoon cake. Got some VERY exciting plans for the weekend... just need some nice weather!


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