Be happy for the moment. For this moment is your life’

Can't say I made that up but I read it in Chrissie Wellington's blog. She's really inspired me this year. I think it must be because she's done so well as a triathlete but just seems to be such a lovely, genuine person. And she doesn't use a power meter, which makes me happy as well. Triathletes are so into their toys that it's really easy to start thinking you 'need' something -GPS, massage, powermeter, orthotics, lactate testing, chinese herbalist...- the list could go on forever. But sometimes you just need determination! I did cave and buy compression tights the other day to aid recovery but only because a. I think there has actually been some science attached to their claims and b. Wiggle now do their own so they're half the price!

Having a 'real' rest day today where I'm not at work and not training, I've been to see Sharon and have done some housework (so I feel virtuous) and I'm now spending the rest of the day chilling out and listening to cheesy tunes and reading a girly magazine (which, ok, I had to get from Sharon!). It's lovely.


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