Snowboarding and Munich

The Markus and Judit whirlwind extreme sports guide to Munich was a fab start to our trip. Not only did we see the trials riders practising jumping up and down the steps outside the cathedral but there was even people surfing in the river (in the city centre).

Very cool and such a lovely city. Ate some very strange sausages for dinner and a giant pretzel. Not sure I'm a big fan of German food but was nice to give it a try. The Austrian food was sort of the same - they have very boring desserts- but was fun trying to guess what all the German words meant and whether you'd end up with pasta/ potatoes or unidentified dumplings (spatzle, germknodel... not sure they have English equivalents!!)

Travelled up to Kitzbuhel/ Kirchberg on the Sunday and had an amazingly sunny day to try to remember how to snowboard. Loads of snow and nice runs though it's maybe not the best for a snowboarder - a few too many flat bits to join the runs. Not sure whether Neil was feeling smug or just bored on his skis but he gave me lots of tows on the flats anway (thanksxx).

Was definitely nice to have a relaxing holiday and spend time drinking hot chocolate / going out for dinner as well as hitting the slopes every day. Could have done with a wee bit more snow and a bit less fog (had to 'use the force' now and again to avoid falling off pistes - you really couldn't see anything - and lots of people randomly falling over for the same reason) but all good fun. Might try a more snowboard-friendly resort next time (maybe Val Thorens?) and also buy new boots. Apparently they can be heat-moulded to your feet. I really have no heels left on me - hoping I can still hobble to work tomorrow! Had to finish up early on the Friday as 6 days was just too much for me and I hadn't yet found a place to buy plasters.


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