My Zen weekend

Yesterday saw me going to my third different yoga class since moving back to Glasgow. I had such an amazing teacher down in Cambridge that I really wanted to find a class that inspired me as much as that one. I wasn't quite sure what to expect yesterday, having signed up to a 'yoga for runners' class but decided it wouldn't hurt me to stretch for two hours. I turned up late, panicking inside that I'd parked in a residents-only space (and the green meanies were just round the corner). But somehow all that melted away and the class made me calm. I'm not normally known for my sense of calm and inner-peace but this one session had a huge effect on me and I'm still feeling perfectly centred and serene today - enough even to make mountain biking serene (!). I think it's the fact that you're focussing on one thing, like meditation that makes it so calming. I loved it and will be back (even if I'm not sure yet how I'll pack it into my schedule!).

Today was biking in Kirroughtree, tucked away in the South West corner of Scotland. I've been wanting to go there for so long but have always been put off by how far away it is. Well, today the sun was shining and it's the start of summer so we made our way down there and it was infinitely worth it. A really beautiful wild country ride. We hardly saw anyone else and the forest was silent except for the wind and the birds. We did 38km in the end, worth it for the views, the tranquility and the wonderful trails. I'm not quite up to the McMoab rock garden yet (some of which is just plain MENTAL) but the rest was swoopy and lovely. And I got a haggis toasty at the end of it. Life is good :)


trio said…
I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for McMoab - didn't like it the one time I was there.

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