Kayaking weekend

Had a kayaking weekend with Lizzie up in Oban.

I think I'm getting over my fear of big waves and managed to not be too worried by Force 3 / gentle Force 4 winds. I think the fact that I now understand more about the sea and tides etc. helps with that and it's no longer such a mystery to me why the kayaking is turning round by itself and trying to point upwind.
Had a go in Canadian canoes and also looked at paddling more efficiently and using my legs. My arms weren't even tired by the end which is totally new for me with kayaking - just shows what a bit of technique can do rather than blind brute force!! I got a blister below my pinky which is apparently a good sign as it means I was paddling correctly!
Saturday was in the extremely cold Loch Awe (no trying out rescues for me, not like the psycho boys!). We were followed round Loch Leven on Sunday by a very curious seal which was absolutely fantastic and definitely why I want to learn to sea kayak. More adventures coming soon I hope...


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