It's spring!

Today is a beautiful day and has just reminded me (for the millionth time in the past year) that I LOVE being back in Scotland. It looks as if spring is back and I might even feel encouraged to do some night biking, something I haven't done since my nasty fall in November.

Went swimming this morning and I'm glad to see that everyone's new year's resolutions have soundly worn off and there weren't many people in the pool. I've been reading the Total Immersion guide to swimming like a fish. It's all about mindfulness while swimming (like yoga) which sounds really appealing - i.e. it's not about struggling and training hard but about being 'slippery' and fitting through the smallest space. I'm going to give it a go. Over time, the distance I go with each stroke should increase and the number of strokes I need per length should decrease.
So right now I'm on 29 strokes per length of the Stevie pool. Lets see if that improves...


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