Too much snow for skiing

Travelled up to Glenshee yesterday for snowboarding but just as we got the bottom of the hill they shut the road. I think it would have been fine except that the wind had picked up and started blowing snowdrifts onto the road. Rubbish! A four hour round trip all for a bacon sandwich! You have to be really persistent to ski in Scotland, I still haven't managed it. On the upside, some of Ally's friends got into Glenshee from the North and said conditions were far from perfect (read freezing and blowing a hoolie). Oh well, will just have to keep trying! At least it meant I've now found all my skiing clothes and they haven't been eaten by moths!

Spent the afternoon packing my lovely road bike into a bag for Lanzarote. I know I'll forget how I did this so might as well write it down...

  • wheels off and protectors in the gaps to stop bike getting squashed

  • pedals off with spanner (must take spanner with me)

  • seat lowered

  • everything wrapped in pipe lagging, bubble wrap and tea towels.

  • loosened handlebars and twisted them round to fit in box

  • wetsuit, helmet, tools, pedals, bike shoes all fitted in the box as well

Only4 days to go!


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