Lots of people must have made new years resolutions to go swimming as the pool was absolutely rammed today. I think I'm developing pool rage - particularly at people who do breaststroke as they're the ones that give you the nasty sideways kick as they're going past! Managed just over an hour but didn't get near the end of my plan. 550 metres of kicking today... Think my arms are definitely starting to do something right and just need to make the kick work at the same time!

Looking forward to running again tonight. Hoping it wont rain after the character-building run we had on Sunday. We were going to recce the Devil's burdens route but given that I could hardly even see Elspeth and Dan for all the hail we didn't do a whole lot of looking for checkpoints. Didn't make it to the top of East Lomond so just skirted round and then down through the trees (and into the pub for a SALTy girls lunch). Lovely to see lots of people again and really looking forward to the race.


trio said…
Gyms, pools all the same in january. Then in feb it'll be all the regulars again!

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