Hogmanay Hog

Paul and Alli had hired out the Glen Brittle youth hostel so we all went up to skye to see in the new year. With such amazing weather I was dying to get out in the hills but i've promised I wont do any exercise til my hip is better. Had to content myself with playing board games, eating cake and watching the pig roast. Maybe being lazy isn't as hard as I thought!

The pig took nearly 10hrs to cook all the way through and tasted amazing (despite catching fire a couple of times). I'm still a bit confused on where bacon comes from (it all looked like pork) but never mind, it was still an education!!! Even more 'exciting' was the fireworks at night and watching the headtorches sprint down the hill away from the bad fireworks that were exploding sideways!

Going to spend the weekend building my new bike tower and working out how to use the heart rate monitor. Hopefully I'll be back in action next week, I've got so many things I want to do!

And possibly I'll be entering the heb for next year.....

My New Year's resolution is that I'm definitely going to nail the kayaking thing and feel like I've got more of a clue of what I'm doing (both in terms of control and for tides etc.) Looking at the map of Skye, we could do an epic trip from Elgol, up to Loch coruisk, scramble over the drumnrah (This is NOT how you spell it) ridge, stay the night in the slig, back over blaven then paddle back to Elgol. Beautiful!
I think I might have also convinced Elspeth that a trans-Scotland ride would be fun.


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